Join Thomas Hübl for an intensive program combining deep Inner practice with profoundly effective human transformation.


The Timeless Wisdom Training (TWT) offers a unique opportunity for personalized study with a warm, charismatic and knowledgeable teacher in the context of a supportive community. The two-year program is demanding and life-changing, designed to rewire your body and emotional system to create a sustainable and stable home for higher consciousness. 



This program accepts a new cohort of students only once every two years.  

We are now accepting applications for the next USA program.  

All applicants for the Timeless Wisdom Training are required to attend an introductory workshop offered at 1440 Multiversity, a new facility in a beautiful redwood grove in Scotts Valley, between Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley in California.

TWT is specially designed for you to develop a deeply embodied contemplative practice within the current technology marketplace. We are not sitting in a cave, we train within the modern cultural body.
— Thomas Hübl